I have decided to start a series in the strenuous living condition of the ikotun area of lagos and the mode of survival there... I am beginning with various jungle justices I have witnessed over tje years... All stories written are true and have been witnessed by me

It was exactly 9:15pm when all hell let loose at custom Bus-Stop, Abaranje road, Lagos
I was preparing to sleep early because I had this excruciating headache…..i was all set for the night when we started hearing shouts and cries of “ole” [the Yoruba name for thief]
My sisters and I refused to look outside because please… I was hearing bring tyre “tyre already?” I thought in my head as we continued gisting ignoring the commotion outside
I was halfway asleep before my mother burst into our room shouting that they are about to set someone ablaze….”ablaze ke” I screamed…….what did he do” I asked
“They said he stole something” she said peeping through the window ……Mind you this was some minutes to 10
“So that’s why they want to burn him already” my sister put in
“Keep quiet, let them not hear us it is night” my mother hissed under her breath while peeping to observe the commotion
“Please don’t tell us what is going on so we can sleep this night” I said few minutes later
“You don’t use to hear keep quiet bah” mom said rapidly in Igbo
We just continued hearing noises of beatings with my mom even after we had begged continued telling us what was going on and how the guy in question was beaten with various objects to a bloodied pulp… mind you it was dark so all the events that transpired were not really clear
“The police are around” my mom breathed a sigh of relief
“Thank God… let them carry the man before he is killed” I was glad the police were around so we could have rest, I did not want this man killed regardless of what he had done and I definitely did not need the smell of burning flesh clogging my nostrils
“Jehovah they have left oh” my mother shouted in disbelief
“Who has left?” my sister asked her
“The police they did not carry the man … they have left, these people have continued beating him”
This statement was what I could not comprehend… the police came and left?... The supposed security of the country… I was amazed
“So they want the people to kill him then” I said to no one in particular
We continued enduring the sounds coming from outside… I dared not look… how do you watch your fellow human being beaten to death
My uncle who stays with us, at this point came into our room to observe the scene below as well.
“They said he is a thief oh and everyone knows him… he’s one of these people that breaks people head if he does not collect money from them or even kills them… last year he broke people’s head plenty and that he had been arrested by the police for over two months now and was released this evening before people saw him stealing again and decided he should die” My uncle said
“Where did you hear this one Nna” my mother asked
“My friend called me now… he’s downstairs there” he answered
This summary of why people wanted to kill him was true… I figured if you saw someone that tried to kill you for money stealing again you would want him dead. According to the facts he has committed a lot of atrocities but was it exactly right to kill him
The beatings continued till 12 midnight and stopped abruptly… I was frightened they had succeeded in killing him so I dared a peek and saw a lone figure sitting in the middle of the road all broken up… he could not stand
“The police are back” My mother announced
“No wonder all these people ran away… do you think they will carry him away now” I asked again to no one in particular
“Is it me you’re asking… keep your voice down I don’t want them to see me peeking” my mother muttered under her breath
We watched for about 15 minutes as the police although standing on the road also refused to approach the man…they were probably scaring people away with their presence. They left again with this man still sitting there
“This boy that was beaten to this point and is not dead… he is probably fortified with lots of juju” my mom spoke
I rolled my eyes….. “Juju ke… does this guy not look dead to you” I replied her
“Keep quiet” she eyed me and I kept mute
Several painful minutes passed and the vigilantes of my area came out and approached him probably asking him if he could stand then aided him up on a bike and that was the last I saw of him
This was around 12:17am…. Sleep came that night but not after me blaming the guy for his own fate… imagine stealing where you are known to be notorious… imagine stealing at all. I blamed people for wanting to take the law into their hands and also those standing and watching the whole event, the security that did nothing to help the guy and the country in general. JUNGLE JUSTICE IS NOT THE WAY.


This page is basically to offload various thoughts and writings I have done over the years... Feel free to hit me up with suggestions.... And share

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Chi Derah's mind

Chi Derah's mind

This page is basically to offload various thoughts and writings I have done over the years... Feel free to hit me up with suggestions.... And share

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